Wound Film Capacitors

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Wound Film Capacitors
Source: Arizona Capacitors, Inc.

Wound film capacitors are classified as passive electronic components that can store an electrical charge. They consist of a pair of conductors separated by a dielectric. The dielectric stores the charge when an electric static field is created between the two conductors. This capacitance that is stored is measured in a unit called farads.

Wound film capacitors are wound with a machine much like a wirewound resistor or a transformer. They can have many different types of dielectrics. These capacitors can be wound on paper, plastic, polystyrene, Teflon, polypropylene, polycarbonate, or polyester. The configurations can vary just as much as the dielectrics and they can be purchased as a standard product or custom designed to a customer’s specifications or requirements. They can be manufactured in the form of a wrap and fill, preformed case, tubular hermetic, molded, a welded case, and many more.

The capacitance can range from 50pf to 500uf and the voltages can range from 30 to 250 KVDC. So, the wound film capacitors can fill the needs of many different specific applications and for many different industries.

Some of the industries Arizona Capacitors, Inc. serves, for example, includes: railroad, audio, communications, power generation, medical equipment, aerospace, electronic controls, automotive, just to name a few. The wound film capacitor has been around for decades and will be a staple for energy storage for many decades to come.