Medical Magnetics

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Winatic Medical Magnetics

Magnetics are classified as a passive electronic component and are comprised of either inductorscoils, or chokes. They are manufactured by winding a copper wire, called magnet wire, around some type of core. These core materials can be made of plastic, iron, or even air itself. The latter is called a self supporting coil or air coil.

These type components are used extensively in all types of medical equipment, from defibrillators to X-ray equipment. As you might imagine, the integrity of any component used in any type of medical device has to be flawless. So, for that reason high reliability components are required in the manufacture of these types of instruments.

All these parts used in medical applications need to be inspected 100%. Whereas, an AQL or sampling method may be adequate for consumer electronics, it will not be stringent enough for the medical equipment industry, where every application can be quite literally a life or death situation.

Winatic Corp. is a company that has been in the magnetics business for well over forty years and specializes in these type of high reliability components. They are currently working on their ISO 13485 certification which was specifically created for the medical device industry. They will be approved within the next twelve months.

There are many changes waiting in the wings for the medical industry that may or may not transpire. One thing that will not change, however, is the integrity of the machines that monitor our health and the reliability of the components within these devices.