Disk Resistors

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Res-net Microwave Disk Resistors

A resistor is a commonly used two terminal passive electronic component. It produces a voltage across it’s terminals that is proportional to the current flowing through it. Resistors are used to limit or regulate the flow of electrical current in an electronic circuit. They are often used within a circuit for current control or to turn a current signal into a voltage signal. Resistors can be manufactured in two different ways, one by winding a resistive wire on a core (wirewound) or a second by using a film via a sputtering process or some other method (metal film).

Disk resistors, however, are not a very common component. They are a specific type of resistor that is physically small and circular. They can be either thick film or thin film and can therefore operate at higher frequencies. They can be used in lower frequency SMA terminations in lieu of a rod resistor. Since they have a symmetrical geometry there is essentially no magnetic field, which would normally create more inductance. Therefore, with the absence of this field, they are ideal for applications that require lower inductance’s. They are also often used for pulsed power systems.

A typical disk resistor, such as those produced by Res-net Microwave, are the thick film type. They have a resistance range of 5 ohms to 500 ohms. They also have a nominal power of 10 watts.